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Ain’t Karma a Funny thing...

So today I decide to get out and just do a couple of laps of Richmond Park just to keep the legs many of you know I’m training for a 900-mile ride from London to Austria for the Paul Levitt Foundation to raise money for two cancer charities. Anyway, I’m into my second lap and I start chatting with this guy Fred. I hadn’t met him before but he was wearing a Paris Roubaix Sportive jersey. For those of you not well-versed in cycling, Paris-Roubaix is probably the hardest one day race on the professional calendar. They made a famous cycling movie about it called A Day in Hell...which should give you a hint. Anyway we’re chatting along then Fred drops in a little surprise...he’s currently in Chemo treatment recovering from lymph node cancer. For a guy that’s done the Etape, Paris Roubaix and London to Edinburgh (not to mention all the marathons and Ironmans), I thought it was unusual I was beating him up the little hills in Richmond Park! Anyway, we ended up cycling around 40 miles together and he will be eagerly following our progress from London to Austria! Wishing Fred all the best in his Chemo and it was great to have a fantastic reminder of why we need to raise more money and continue the fight against cancer!

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