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FINAL DAY! And the forecast is.....

RAIN!!! And supposedly tons of inescapable rain Everywhere!!! Guess what? We got wetter from water on the road than we did from the sky. Someone was definitely keeping an eye on us today! At 7am we woke up to a downpour! As positive as we were about the last day, it’s still disheartening when you know you probably have to ride 80 miles in it! We left around 9:45 with what we thought was a very small break in the weather. As we cranked the first 28 miles, we managed to stay dry. We stopped for a small snack and as we got back on the bikes hit the very slightest light drizzle. The worst part of the day was probably a gravel bike path along the Inn River which gave us all dirt stripes on our backs. And then the end....

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