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What it’s really all about....

When you take on something of this scale we often find ourselves asking why? Why cycle across Europe? Does it really make a difference? Is it just us selfishly challenging ourselves?

Well yesterday we arrived and had a great opportunity to spend some time with the families this money will help and if we only helped one family going through something that I simply can’t imagine having to deal with....I’d gladly do it over and over again. We met some wonderful people who volunteer a lot more time than we do! They are the real heroes here and I’m thrilled we could put a few smiles on faces. I especially want to thank Florian (pictures below with the signed jersey) for his work to organise a very heartfelt welcome. I speak for the whole team when I say we are truly humbled by the experience. We’ve also raised over £1600 so far for the Royal Marsden!

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